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This is a bad dealership!! Old saying: The fish stinks from the head down!!

the owners own a few dealer ships and Its obivious the Customer service is not the highest pirority, but there policies and grabbing the cash is!! I bought a jetta a few years ago and that experience was the worst I have ever had with buying a car.. what I think should be a pleasurable one. so I thought I would try again and that was a mistake..

the sales manager told me how nmuch he thinks I should spend and what cars I shuold be looking at from some list of cars he presented to me and the sales person "another new guy" high turn over.. went along with it.. I was there for a specific auto that I wanted to buy and had a bank check for more then I wanted to spend on that car. the manager telss the sales person " OUR POLICY IS THAT THE CHECK HAS TO "CLEAR" AND OUR CORP.

paperwork takes about ten days! so I would have to trade in my car do all the paperwork sign over the check and then go home without a car to drive and wait 10 days untill then call me and tell me I can pick up me new car. which they will keep on there cramped lot and move around every day. and the sales person to this is that we have 5,000.000 dollars worht of inventory on the lot so I am sure "your Baby will be fine!

do you believe that. on the same day my friend go in for service on her vw a customer of 12 years and

Product or Service Mentioned: Volkswagen Of America Repair.

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i have 2011 VW CC, with bad noise at the back, can,t stand the noise anymore, my VW dealer changed the wheel bearings, brake pads, shocks , except the noise... Will now change tires after this review :x

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