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I bought a new Volkswagen Jetta SportWagon at the Farmington Hills location in Michigan in 2010 with the intention of having a great car for many years to come .... half a year into my purchase the panorama roof broke and it has not been the same (4 repairs, still noisy), their response was that those roofs make noise (however it was not noisy before they repaired it), not to mention, the last repair was done a few month ago and I found a screw sticking out of the top of my car, creating a major issue with repair; other parts that broke were 4 flat tires and a radio malfunction (replaced but GPS not working now).

I have been having nothing but bad luck with this car (including two hit and runs at the back bumper/body).

Its my first new car ever and I hoped to buy grande quality. The customer service department have been nice but not responsive. For example, I have been waiting for three weeks now to get the issues of screw/radio fixed including 40000mile service, no response.

My last flat tire (including wheel damage) was two weeks ago and despite full coverage I have not heard back from them when there is a good time to bring in the car for changing my spare with the new set.

This has been very frustrating and I hope to find a way to exchange my car into a vehicle more reliable and with better service.

I am fine paying the money but if nothing else happens, there is a crumbling company - and the way it looks it is worldwide not local. Very disappointing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Volkswagen Of America Repair.

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Mobile, Alabama, United States #707630
I have a 2002 Beetle, and we have had some work done on it. The worst problem were the leaks from the sunroof that we missed the recall on.

I'm still confused as to why the dealer has to change out the battery since I have done both the the batteries on my car. And I'm a girl, too.

Anyway, I love the car, and I intend to keep it. :)

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