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Owner of 2012 VW Passat. It recently died/stalled on freeway, had to have it emergency towed to closest auto repair facility(Not a VW Dealership).

Had repairs made, using OEM factory parts per the Pzev Warranty coverage.

Now VW Customer Care is saying, even though I used factory replacement parts covered under the warranty, that the dealership also uses, that because I used an independent auto repair facility, they will not reimburse me for charges.

Absolutely ridiculous and the worst customer service ever experienced.

Just because we did not want to pay the significantly higher labor rates for repairs at the Dealerships vs independent auto repair(AAA certified).

I will never ever again, purchase/lease a Volkswagen. Nor will my family and friends.

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Telling you the warranty is void unless you use only their dealers service is against the law.

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