I purchased my NEW VW Passat back in 2006. This is the most trouble car that I have ever purchased.

Here is a long list of failed quality control from VW.1. piece of paint in the back of trunk fell out 2. engine breather valve malfunction3. all the interior skin cover bubbled4.

engine breather valve malfunction again. The dealership told told me a car only a lemon when the same malfunction occur 3x5. AC condenser rebuilt6. Archer VW broke my engine cover without telling me, didn't find out until went to other dealership service7.

Headliner fell off, recently.8. There are several recalls issued through out 7 yrs that I purchase this new car. All the energy and efforts that I have to spend with this car is exhausting.

Contacting their customer service is not helping except courtesy response but not real solution. So my advice for anybody who is intrigue by VW's new superbowl ads campaign is stay away from this German car, it is not it used to be anymore

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Very few VW's are made in the home land anymore this is what has caused some many poor quality issues check this link you can even find where your car was made ...


Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, United States #805737

I for one can tell that the 2006 VW Passat 2.0T is a piece of junk! I bought my car in March of 2009 (23,096 miles), in June 2009 I was at the dealer every 2 weeks for quite a few months due to the engine light constantly coming on.

Car ran good for about 5 months then the same issues again, week after week the engine light kept coming on, this continued through 2011 and many repairs. I contacted VWoA in 2010 regarding all these issues with this car since 2009 and was pretty much told "Sorry to hear about your problems". The car seemed to be running fairly well during the year 2012. 2013 came along and the engine light comes again -issue with the cam (I already had the cam replaced once in this car).

Supposedly the tensioner stuck come this year guess what happened without any warning signs? The cam had to be completely replaced along with the fuel pump (2 in this car)due to the cam lobe not functioning properly (I just paid the car off a month before this)This was a $3,600.00 + job that I paid for out of my pocket although there was a TSB in Nov.

2014 regarding a cam lobe issue. This car has been nothing but a headache, I have not been able enjoy this car AND YES I HAVE TAKEN VERY GOOD CAR OF THIS CAR.

to sharpie Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, United States #805740

I meant to put the TSB was in NOV. 2013

Seattle, Washington, United States #649610

Really? Its 2013...

cars wear out!

And how have you maintained the car in 7the years? That is your responsibility!

to jen Montreal, Quebec, Canada #993473

He has a valid point. He didn't buy a hyndia or an escort.

He bought a Volkswagen; proudly made in Germany and highly respected thoughtout the world. Volkswagen has been making reliable vehicles for a long time and are well known for longevity. The problems that most of us are experiencing are problems that we should encounter 10-15 years down the road (those that are well taken care of).

Not within 3-4 years.

Merritt Island, Florida, United States #601965

thatsfunny because among other thing you cannot rebuild a condensor. In 7 years your problems seem to be minimal.

Stop complaining and get a life! :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

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