I purchased a brandnew VW BEETLE CONVERTIBLE in May 2015.

I was in Love! I also paid $2000 for extended warranty.

In 2019 I still only had 24k miles on it.

In summer of 2019 I Had warning lights, so took it to a local dealership. They charged me $100 to diagnose, informed me that my warranty had expired, and I needed new Wheel Speed Sensors in front. Quoted me $1800 in repairs. I opted to take it to a local shop since there was no warranty.

Paid $1200 for the work which included wheel bearings. Since then Ive had another wheel sensor fail, had to buy new 20 tires cause I had no tread left (BTW original tires sold on my 2015 car were dated 2013), and now my AC isnt working. So far Ive spent an additional $3000 in repairs/replacements, and now AC needs replacement. Im a 71yo retired widow.

I dont think I should have had to bear the cost. Please help!

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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