Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey

Returned a lease,to dealership, no actual pictures did they take or documentation re: car and conditon. Soon after we were sent a bill for damage..Went through 6 months of aggravation to clear the issue.

The minor damage we had repaired, car in perfect condition at return.They continued to harrass, with weekly phone calls and letters. Everytime I got another letter or bill it was for a different amount of $$$,,AND NO ONE FROM VOLKSWAGEN KNEW WHY!!! Their only answer...WEAR AND TEAR...(their catchall phrase to bilk you out of as much money as they can).

No breakdown of what they were talking about either...I finally wrote a 3 page letter to VW Corporate and FINALLY IT WAS TAKEN CARE OF.. the reps either are challenged or lazy, no one would look into it any further previously to clear it up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Volkswagen Of America Repair.

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