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I’m glad to receive this email because I have a lot to say. First of all my husband and I have purchased 6 VW’s at the Melbourne, FL dealership and have been happy with VW until I purchased this 2017 SE Jetta back on Jan. 28, 2017. I have been so unhappy with this car. I can actually say I hate it. My first complaint was shortly after I purchased the vehicle. I brought the car in because I felt a shake every time I reached 40 MPH. I had the service manage take the vehicle for a ride and of course he didn’t feel a thing. I was later told by a sales person that it was the turbo kicking in. Ok, whatever. :( So, I have to deal with the shake. My next complaint was that my breaks kept squeaking. I took it in and they told me that I needed to give it some time since the break were too new and I needed to wear them out a little. Ok, I left that day convince that indeed that could be the reason. NOT, I brought it back in after a year with STILL squeaking break. When I mentioned it to the service department clerk that I was told to give it some time because the break were new she, tells me “I don’t know why they said that to you” grant it, she was the one that told me LOL.

Once it was checked out again, I was told they didn’t hear anything (again, of course not). I was asked if I lived close to the beach, which I do not. Then, I was told that VW has gone with better break pads that will last longer and unfortunately, they squeak. So, my question (that no ones seems to know how to answer) is, SO, VW goes with a so call better break pad that last long (a good thing) but, doesn’t try to better it before installing them in the their vehicles. SMH

I now just have a new car that will always shake when I reach 40 mph and squeaking breaks and I just have to deal with it. This damn car is a freakin lemon.

Thanks but, no thanks

Oldemar and Ruby Fallas

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $26000.

Preferred solution: the problems with my vehicle solved.

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