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This is a letter I personally gave to the 3 store managers at King Soopers where I buy almost all my gas. I have eliminated identities and other parts of the letter.

However I ended the conversation with each manager this way. Does VW lie? They will payout upwards of 40 Billion for the VW diesel car lie. Will they try to invalidate my warranty because I use your gas?


1/6/18 I just took my 2009 VW EOS to the closest VW dealership to my home. The car only has 54,000 miles on it. To my surprise the Service Advisor told me my car’s warranty could be invalidated if my problem was carbon buildup. He asked me first what grade of gas I put in the VW.

I told him only the highest grade because that is what the manual says. Then he asked me what station I used. I told him King Soopers’ stations, this is because I receive a discount based on the amount of purchases I make. The reason the extended warranty could be invalidated was that I did not get my gasoline from a limited list of stations that sell only quality gas.

He actually said King Soopers sells cheap quality gasoline that can cause carbon buildup which would invalidate the warranty even though I was using the highest grade. I pointed out to him this was not told to me when I bought the car or when I had taken the car in for multiple repairs. Also it is not in the user’s manual like using the highest octane is in the manual.

In my opinion the Service Advisor has been trained to dispense this information by the dealership and by the VW Company. King Soopers/Kroger needs to know how VW invalidates warranties and puts King Soopers/Kroger in legal jeopardy for the cost of legitimate warranty repairs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Volkswagen Of America Warranty.

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