writing to you because I has a huge mishap with Sunset VW of Sarasota Florida. The sales people are amazing.

We bought 2 Volkswagen since we moved to Florida 2 years ago.

This is my 6th Jetta in a row. This one I purchased almost 2 years ago

I was recently stuck on the side of the road because the clutch stopped working and had it towed to the nearest place and they told me to take it to sunset Vw because it was a result of a clutch master cylinder which they know is apart of the warranty because the guy worked for vw service in the past as well. I had it towed to vw of sunset.

One week later still no call from them. I call them and they tell me it would cost $800 to diagnose the issue and they are 3 weeks behind and have no loaner cars.

They also tell me they know its the clutch and its not under warranty but in the same breath tell me it is $800 just to check. So they dont know yet but they know its not covered. So I had no choice but to tow it again out of there. Between the lack of communication, no one even called me to tell me the car arrived.

Then they waited until I called for an update abs then shot me a text to say they have the car but they are weeks behind , short staffed , no Loaners. Then a week later tell me they didnt look at it but they know what it might be and its not covered and it will be $800.

They gave me no choice between the chaos and no straight answers to move the car out of there and pay about $2,000 out of my pocket now to have the slave cylinder fixed which should be covered. Before I take further action maybe you can help me out

I also have the part (master slave cylinder )that is broken for reference from the shop that had to replace it

Location: Bradenton, Florida

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