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I would like to express my complete and utter dissatisfaction with my vw dealer and customer service. We have a 2014 Passat with 13k miles. We purchased the vehicle 25 months ago and has been serviced exclusively at stokes Volkswagen in North Charleston, sc. we went...
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I had the same problem with my 2013 cc. The noise was so bad that I had to increase volume on radio to drown it out. I just replaced all the Continentals with Michelin Primacy MXVs and the car is a joy again. Of course I am very concerned that the suspension design is...
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I would like to add that my complaint is with VW of America, not the dealership. The service advisor had his hands tied by VW but did everything he could. My low rating for st...

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The Rewards cards and road side assistance is not sufficient.I have road side coverage with my insurance company,as do most people. Service repairs to our vehicles for free for three years is a better plan. I have a 2014 Passet and the quality materials used inside the...
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I didn't like
  • Misrepresenting equipment
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I[Lisa Jackson] brought a 2005 2/13 I was so proud,a single mom working hard to have,but since then apparently I was told about the glue problem,no reacall,know I'm driving a car with the back window duck taped,and all my side panels are falling out,Getting...
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Lisa,Wife has same problem with 2004 Beetle Turbo bought new and now has a little over 20,000 miles. The top from the rear window separated at around 15,000 miles even though ...

Westminster, South Carolina
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I have 2004 vw bettle has 92000 miles transmission went bad car not moving there is default transmission I saw online everyone who own bettle has transmission problem I don't buy vw in my life this first and last Volkswagen I won't recommend any one as my experience...
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Santee, South Carolina
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