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I am an intensive care nurse working at a Major Medical center in Manhattan NY NY. I am on my 2nd lease which ends on December 1st, 2020.

I am writing to you in the hope that you will contact me to hear the full, sordid story of my experiences at the dealership. The salespeople will call you up at home giving you fake names like, "Unique, Sincerity, and others I do not remember. One salesgirl who goes by the name of " Unique" promised to lease a VW Jetta R-line manual transmission to me on a 3-year deal, 10,000 miles a year for $224 a month. WIth just lease disposition fee, registration, which was priced at $350 which in it'self is way too much for registration when your using your own plates from the lease end vehicle your returning..

Ok, I thought maybe I can negotiate the registration fee, but when I called to confirm nobody had heard of " Unique". Then I received a call from a salesman by the name of "Lamont" again from Teddy VW Bronx. Lamont put together a deal. Bank fee, registration again $350 bank fee, $245 a month, &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; I could drive the car home.

However, he just had to check with the manager on some tiny detail & would call me back. After speaking with his manager regarding the tiny little detail he called me back on the phone & informed me I could take the car home for $245 a month but all of a sudden I would have to pay $2,800 down along with all the other fees. I quietly said thank you, but no thank you. To say I was disappointed is an understatement, I also felt humiliated.

I visited the dealership weeks ago before any of these telephone interactions in August & took a test drive of the Jetta R-Line manual. I am originally from Scotland, now a proud American citizen. I do love my manual transmissions. I loved the car, kinda fell in love with it.

This will be my 3rd Jetta I said to myself through VW Credit. I feel that Teddy VW the Bronx has made it almost impossible for me to lease the car of my dreams. Not many dealerships have the R-line in Manual , they have 3. Hence I thought perhaps they would come to their senses & do the right thing.

As a nurse, I need my car work, & the Jetta suits me just fine. The R-line is beautiful to look at & I love the car-net feature as I often drive alone. I forgot to add the manager during my brief talk with him assured me he was going to give me a huge discount as I was a nurse an ICU nurse, on the front lines of the Covid 19 pandemic a big discount & would relay that to his sales associates.

I guess I may just have to look at another make of car as I have had it with VW dealerships, & the people who manage them.

Carol A. McGowan RN ICU.

User's recommendation: Stay away from Teddy VW The Bronx, New York. Unethical, deceitful, dishonest.

Product or Service Mentioned: Volkswagen Of America Leasing.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Volkswagen Of America Pros: Vw engineering, Nice cars, Usually good quality and service.

Volkswagen Of America Cons: Terrible customer service, Customer care.

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You lost all credibility the second you decided to pad out your complaint with irrelevant factoids. What you do has no bearing on anything unless you're claiming stress turned off your brain.

Secondly, posting your name on a PUBLIC message board that has NOTHING to do with VW is another sign of a lack of common sense. "Ok, I thought maybe" Thinking you say. Thinking was the last thing you were doing here. As previously mentioned, if it's not a paper that allows you to READ and UNDERSTAND the terms, you're a fool for taking someone at their word when it comes to money.

Thanks for how not to behave when doing business, especially if you're a well-educated health professional post. No doubt this will help others to not be played(allegedly) the fool as you were.


Don't believe anything that you don't see in writing. The four corners of the contract are your sole concern.

You will not receive special monetary reduction privileges because of your job.

Contracts do not state that. Belief in a glib talking car salesman is right up there with Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and The Great Pumpkin in credibility.

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