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I was not impressed at all with Volkswagen when I brought my car in for a warranty for the two front fenders on my 2003 Jetta TDI. The warranty was for rust/rot issues caused by a foam insulation pad on the inside of the front fenders for 12 years, unlimited mileage.

I had originally brought it in a few days before the warranty was up, but there was "supposedly" no manager available to send in the claim, so I set up an appointment to meet with him a few days later. Again when I showed up the manager was "not available" again (they said he was at some kind of training) so again I had to reschedule my appointment. It was about 2 weeks after the warranty ended that I finally was able to meet with a service manager who sent in the claim to VWGOA, they said it would take at the most 2 weeks to get back to me... a month or so later I got a letter saying they won't cover it under warranty because apparently I brought it in too late, when actually I was on time they just didn't have someone to send it in.

Called VWGOA again to see if they would do something about it, or meet me at least half way or something, but they said they won't cover any expenses to get them fixed.

Not impressed AT ALL!! On a scale of 1-10 for customer satisfaction, would be a 0

Product or Service Mentioned: Volkswagen Of America Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Deland, Florida, United States #967135

the price to purchase a old classic beetle is price gouging and a ripoff. with the number of numbers on the odometer line within the speedometer is the number will start to zero after if flips over 100000 miles. there is no way a 1959 vw beetle will have 38000 only

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