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I'm Suraj Kancharla, an International student attending grad school in California.I bought an '03 passat in '13 and been looking after it with a lot of care - regular oil checks, fixing all minor problems on time (although it hurt my pocket).

I saved money to buy this car as volkswagen is a trusted brand and this particular car was well maintained by its previous owners too (super clean Carfax). So, today i got my car serviced and was driving back home then suddenly i heard a wierd noise and noticed white smoke of of the hood. Luckily, my instincts kicked in and i jumped out of the car and in under a minute it was in flames. The front part of the car is charred and beyond repair.

Volkswagen, you just burned my money and your value as a car maker. I'm totally aware of the amount of time, energy and resources you guys spend in making cars, some of them are remarkably safe and yet you have made some cars which are totally flawed and even dangerous.

Now that i lost my car, my money and a source of income from the job i drive to.I just want to say a big thanks for the volkswagen family for ruining it for me.

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actually if you had had your head on straight, back in '13 a newer used passat wasnt much more than youd pay for an '03, say like an '07 or at least an '06.obviously you are not a car person, or you would have steered clear of that era vw altogether.

it could have been a simple thing gone wrong from your service. your car was old, and more likely than not had a lot of buildup in the engine bay. if the mechanic accidentally spilled some oil and it got down into the hot parts, it can catch fire. and all those year of buildup is just kindling, that initial white smoke you saw.

the real fire didnt start till the plastic and wires and everything else flammable in there started to go.(btw for all the non car people out there, when you burn oil it gives off white smoke)


As a certified automobile mechanic of over 30 years, I can tell you that is not a common issue with Volkswagen.I would imagine you are quite dissatisfied by your new Passat Flammenwerfer, but lets take a look at some of the new features.

Any jaywalkers are likely to get out of your way at a much more rapid pace.

Imagine those busy crosswalks when they see you coming now!They'll be dodging you before you can angrily proclaim, "Blitzkrieg!"

Good luck with your newly installed tactical road navigation system!


You should have been more concerned on the vehicle maintenance records than the carfax for the condition of the car.Carfax only tells you about dealer services and accidents/floods, etc..

Also never buy a 10 years old euro car as ALL brands (VW, Mercedes, BMW, etc..) all are high maintenance after the warranty is out.

I know from experience.If you want a good euro car only buy new and get rid of it before 5 years old.

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