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Motor blew up with only 80'000 miles on it do to low oil pressure no warning lights came on car is bone stock Vw of America wouldn't even pay half the cost of a new motor wich is going to be 7000$ For a new motor seems like this is happening a lot

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #957943

Similar issue with my 2009 VW CC 2.0t. Checked engine was on with a loud noise and the PCV valve was bad and was replaced.

Then a week later CEL back on again this time the car was surging like a vacuum leak but mechanic found nothing after a couple days at his shop and testing possible causing of the surge after pressure testing found 3 of the 4 valves were moving one was broken.

All from a CEL car drove smooth no difference in performance before. So now see what if VW of America is going to do anything new engine $7620.00.

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