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I was a Service Advisor at a VERY large Porsche-Audi-VW dealership in Westchester County, New York. DO NOT BUY any VW built in Mexico.

They have MANY hard to fix defects. The VW's assembled in Mexico have a Serial Number ( or VIN ) that begins with a 3. ( 3=Mexico ). As a Service Advisor I dealt with 100's of service problems a month with these cars.

Impossible to find leaks and rattles. Weird defects like mis-matched door panels, mysterious starting and stalling problems. The Beetles were some of the worst. The owners sometimes paid thousands for Air Bag defects.

This experience caused me to lose confidence and faith in VW even after owning Jettas and Passats. My family drive ONLY Toyotas now---they are amazingly reliable, inbelievably so---compared to those fussy, high-maintenance German cars.

I've owned Audi Quattros and Mercedes E320 Wagon ( still one of my ATF ). Best of luck to EVERYBODY with their automobile adventures !

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Strange -- I love my VW with the first VIN number 3. Maybe things have improved with quality control since you dealt with these issues. I continue to have problems with items made in PRC.

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