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I have received nothing but terrible service and the run around. No one helps, educates or cares in this company.

I would NEVER get a Volkswagon in my life, even if it were free just because of how terrible customer service is at the service sites and over the telephone. Such a disgrace and unprofessional company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Regarding Volkswagon of Orland Park



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"No help no call no customer relations. " My daughter has the misfortune of owning a terribly flawed Volkwagon Routon mini van manufactured by Chrysler and sold by Volkswagon.

This van has been subject to numerous recalls on the Chrysler side but Volkswagon has been slow to do anything to rescue the tens of thousand people that own this lemon. My daughters Routon refused to start numerous times leaving her stranded with three young children. One child is 7 months old another 5 years old and another 6 years old. The 6 year old child is special needs having been born with Spina Bifida, Downs Syndrome and a clubbed foot.

This has financially drained my daughter who now can't work because of the care this child requires. The van finally was dead in the driveway and had to be towed to Volkswagon of Orland Park. My daughter already researched the problem and found that theses vans were equipped with a faulty brain computer module called a TIMPM MODULE. Two days later the van was diagnosed with that problem.

My daughter was quoted $1200 to do the job. Do to snafus in the dealers end, not getting the needed parts it too 6 days to complete the service. The service department called my daughter and told her the cost was $1365.00 it was over the estimate. My daughter was never notified as to the increased cost.

I called the service manager Ed to get an explanation and to attempt to get the costs lowered. I explained my daughters situation financially and told him about the major recall that Chrysler did on all the same vans under their name. He said he knew the part was severely flawed and he said he heard Volkswagon was eventually going to issue a recall. I asked that in the mean time could he reduce the price.

I explained my daughters situation while he listened seeming sympathetic. He told me he would look at the bill and try to reduce the costs to help her. He said he would call me back. Hours later no phone call.

My daughter proceeded to pick up her van and was charged the inflated price of $1365. Parts not ordered correctly inept service department and untrained employees that did not know how to drive brought the van out to her, made this a very costly nightmare. This is something that Volkswagon should be responsible for, not the thousands of poor owners that suffer financially because of this lemon of a vechicle. No call back not even a courtesy call to tell me he couldn't reduce the price is an insult to me and my daughter.

Don't ever by a Volkswagon from this dealer and above all don't ever get it serviced their if you have the misfortune of owning a flawed lemon Volkwagon Routon. No help no call no heart.

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