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Ms. Libby A:

You tell me I need a lawyer to talk further with VW about this lemon you sold me, and have absolutely no clue about CA Lemon Law Statues?? For this I spent the past four days and four hours of my time on hold??? And you refuse to transfer me to your supervisor or customer retention department, and are not the regional customer care specialist for the CA region you are supposed to be in the first place??? Plus you have the unmitigated gall to hang up on me??? Considering the trouble VW is in (and rightfully so) for being lying, conniving sneak weasels I do not think you can be so cavalier in your demeanor and the lousy, nasty, bitchy customer service you provided (or more accurately did not provide) to me today.

Rest assured I will be following this complaint up the corporate ladder to the highest levels necessary,

and you will regret treating this "member of the Volkswagen family, whose satisfaction is important to us"

in the manner in which you did. I hope the call was recorded, so your supervisor (who I already have a call into) can hear how you talk, interact, and alienate your customers.

Disdainfully yours,

Robert Hartnett

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Free Extended warranty or Replacement due to CA Lemmon Law Statutes.

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With whom did you contact at corporate level. I have been trying to resolve my current sitation since July 2018 with VWA.

I have a lemon vehicle as well ( tiguan 2017). Would love to speak with you direct....since we both seem to be experiencing the same issues with VWA.

Folsom, California, United States #1121039

They did the same thing to me and told me I would have a decision in 3-5 weeks and 7 weeks later they denied me what they knew a month previous. They claim they care about customers but they sure do not show it.

I have been lied to by this company oh about 10 to 12 times currently, there stories continue to change depending on which rep you get a hold of and Volkswagen thinks they are going to succeed in customer retention?

I will ride the bus before I would even consider purchasing another lemon from this fraudulent company. I hope Volkswagen has to pay the entire 46 billion they are being sued for by the US Justice Department!

to Jimmy #1644362

With whom did you have contact with at the retention level. I have experienced the worst customer service from this company by far.

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