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I just leased a 2012 Jetta GLI "Autobahn" on 11/19/11 and now on March 3, 2012, with 2075 miles on the car, I am replacing the right front tire for the SECOND time.

The first time was on 2/10/12 - 3 weeks previous!!!The OEM tires and rims are low profile. I was very hesitant to lease the car equipped with these wheels and tires but the salesman said, "just buy the tire and wheel hazard insurance," which I did for $759. The service dept. has been great about this, but I am very wary of the "insurance" company.

I suspect that the next time a sidewall bubbles and/or ruptures, the 3rd party "insurance" company will decline to pay up; and, although they should honor the obligation, I can't say I could blame them if they don't. The blame here lies with the car salesman and VW of America. The car should simply not be sold with rims and tires like this. The only reason I leased this model was to get independent suspension and a decent motor.

All Jettas used to come with independent suspension, but the 2.5L motor was always a loser. BTW, VW of America puts literature in its dealerships advertising that when you buy VW-recommended replacement tires, they come with their 24-month road hazard coverage. VW customer care denies that any such coverage exists. Since I purchased the first and second replacement tire at a VW dealership, you would think that the second replacement would be covered, right?

Well, think again. The tires are $230/copy. Let's see what happens when I email them a copy of their own literature.

The last place I would take my GLI "autobahn" is the Autobahn!!!! Anybody who would like a pdf of the VW literature text me at 516-316-8738 with your email address.

Product or Service Mentioned: Volkswagen Of America Replacement.

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My mother purchased a tire package from VW in west Springfield MA and they told her she would get free tires when they are damaged. She hit a pot hole and they wouldn't replace the tire even though she had the paper work from them. We have bought 6 cars from them since 2006.

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Volkswagen doesn't make their own tires, nor do they warranty those tires put on their vehicles. The tire manufacturer is responsible for honoring the tire warranty. :eek
to SalesGuy #1034580

Hello Mr SalesGuy,

Your comment is incorrect. Likely your information comes from your employer or the manufacture rather than from an objective source, so it is an understandable mistake.

Legally the warranty could be transferred from the tire manufacture to the automaker to the dealer and on to the customer but automakers make deals with tire manufactures where the automaker assumes some risk/liability for the product. Then the automaker sells the tire as part of their product rather than a package of car + tires. This means that if the tire is inappropriate for the vehicle, the auto maker would be liable. Additionally, it means if the tire fails due to manufacturing defect, both the automaker and the tier maker would be liable.

Not to confuse liability with warranty too much, the point is that the automaker typically assumes most or all financial responsibility for warranty expenses.

They do this in exchange for low pricing from the tire manufacture.

As with all industries, warranties are treated like insurance in that payouts need to be minimized to ensure that part of the business is profitable. This is only offset when a company perceives a greater cost would result in damage to brand value due to public image.


I just bought a VW Routan 2012 3 weeks(only run 500 mile) before and got a flat tire. After I send it to dealership and they said it is caused by road hardzard!

It is on the site of the tire and you have to bend the tire hardly to find there is a small crack on the tire. VM america ask me to go talk to tire manufacture but tire manufacture mentioned that it is caused by road harzard and they cab can not take full responsibility(dealer give the command when they replace the tire).


nor do the vw repair shops honor a recall by vw. i called Prestige VW in Melbourne, FL regarding a recall of the handbrake amlfunctioning in 2008 (see it online under recalls.

I bought the car in Orlando of December 2009 and the service advisor std they had taken care of it. How?

I didn't know abt it! He had my info down as having a VW bug, but I have a Jetta!!!

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