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I own a 2009 Routan that has been in for service at least 10 times over 3 years with various warranty and recall issues. The van shimmies and shakes when above 55 miles an hour, and on two occasions would not turn over.

I actually had to leave work to pick up my wife and kids on the side of the road. In August, 2012, the Routan went out of warranty. In September, 2012, I had to install a third battery at 34,000 miles. It cost me roughly $200.00.

In October, 2012, the hoses went, and it then cost me approximately $500.00. My service agent, who now knows me by my first name, told me that he cringes every time is sees a Routan roll up for service. Apparently, the problem goes beyond just my car. He advised me to call VW, as they are trying to assist people get out of their Routans, so I called VW and filed a complaint.

The customer service rep, CHRISTINE, offered me a $1000 loyalty certificate towards a new VW, or to have VW eat one monthly payment ($470). When I responded that I would never buy another VW, and I thought 1 payment was not sufficient, CHRISTINE, revoked the offer because "I did not seem to appreciate the offer." My response was that I guess that is simply the VW way. THIS IS MY PROTEST OF VW -- If you are outraged by VW service like I am, I would ask that you call CHRISTINE at VW 800-833-8987 (option 1, option 5, option 2) and tell her that you are calling in support of Mark Glassman -- If she won't take your call, please leave a message. If you want to know who I am, please go to my facebook page (Mark A Glassman) to show your support.

I am going to be posting my complete service history soon in case there is any interest. PLEASE JOIN IN MY CONSUMER PROTEST.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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Buy KIA :) :) :)

Remember they did not twist your arm to buy a Routan. You did that all on your own.!!!

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