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We keep our cars up to date and well kept.

Our car burned through so much oil, that the engine just shut down and stopped working.

Volkswagon does not care and will not help out AT ALL.

I would NEVER buy another Volkswagon product again.

They do not stand by their own product.

They are extremely UNETHICAL .

They did not even care about what they sold us. The car is in impeccable shape, except for the engine they provided.

Its the worst product going. Toyota and Honda would never treat their customers like this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Volkswagen Of America Customer Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Poor decsion making to resolve issues with customers, There was no effort to help.

  • Sensor Failure
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So where in all of this do you take ANY responsibility as the operator? They give you lights and gauges to determine when your oil is low.

Did you not see them right in front of your face? The flashing and blinking lights and alarm sounds did NOTHING to prompt you at all? VW cannot be held accountable for actions that were 100% your responsibility. You CLAIM that the engine burned oil and it burned through all your oil.

Let’s look at that for a moment. With LOGIC AND COOMON SENSE. If your car is burning oil there are plenty of indications of said event. First, your car smokes.

Second, your car overheats. Third, you can smell that something isn’t right. Now IF you took care of your vehicle perfectly then these indicators should have alarmed you. Next let’s examine the dash.

There is normally atleast three different gauges that would indicate low oil. There is the oil pressure gauge. The check engine light. And a service soon light.

All of which would have been lit up IF you had a low oil gauge. All of these would have been proof positive that you needed oil, and yet your vehicle still seized up. In this world of having the complete worth of human knowledge at your finger tips, there is no excuse for not using it. I say this because your next excuse is going to be something like “I don’t know how to put oil in my car”.You screwed up by not properly maintaining the vehicle correctly.

Now that there is a huge cost, you try and blame the manufacturer for operator error. That don’t fly in America and you know this. You were raised better then this and to be a scammer after you have screwed up only shows the depths YOU PERSONALLY will sink to not pay for YOUR MISTAKES! If you can’t handle the responsibility of using a vehicle then stick to public transportation.

Go ahead, justify your scam.

I can’t wait to see what excuse you are going to use to validate your scam in light of the logic just used. I highly doubt we will see ANY character from you.

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